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You need v4.5 or above to install the Shinkaiyaku 2017 and the JBS New International Version add-ons

You need v4.6 or above to run the native Apple processor version

A-Bible v4 Base Set

The base set includes the full-featured application, plus the following versions: KJV with Strongs numbers and Greek/Eng & Hebrew/Eng dictionary, ASV,  Kogoyaku 1955, Bungoyaku NT, Emmaus Publishers NT, Tsukamoto NT, Chinese Union (Traditional and Simplified).

Manna - Daily Bible Reading Guide

Look Up! - Interface for screen projection

Also included - 3 Classic Bible Dictionaries: Nave, Easton, Smith

Purchase the Base set and then choose the add-ons you want.

Shinkaiyaku 2017 Add-On

Shinkaiyaku 2017 edition with Furigana, cross references, and notes









ESV Add-On

English Standard Version with cross references and notes.

Japanese Bible Society Add-On: Shinkyodoyaku, Kogoyaku 2008 ed.

NAS Add-On

NAS + NAS English/Hebrew and English/Greek dictionary keyed to NAS Strong’s numbers

Deutsch Add-On

Luther 1545, Luther 1912, Elberfelder 1871, Elberfelder 1905, NeÜ, Schlachter 1951

Luther 1984 Add-On

Luther 1984

(Can only be shipped within Asia. Please contact Support for details)

Shinkaiyaku 3rd edition Add-On

Shinkaiyaku 3rd edition with Furigana, cross references, and notes

Greek Study Set

UBS 4 with the AGNT (Friberg) grammatical tagging

The Stephens 1550 Textus Receptus (as found in Berry's Interlinear Greek New Testament)

The Scrivener 1894 Textus Receptus (an artificially-reconstructed Greek text which presumably underlies the KJV)

The Byzantine/Majority Greek Textform, edited by Maurice A. Robinson and William G. Pierpont (which closely parallels the Hodges/Farstad "Majority Text" edition)

Alexandrian Greek text of the Westcott-Hort edition

Alexandrian Greek text of the Nestle-Aland 27/UBS 4 editions

The 8th edition of Tischendorf's Greek text (Based on G. Clint Yale's Tischendorf text and edited by Ulrik Petersen)

All come with grammatical tagging and Strong's numbers. (UBS does not have Strong's numbers)

Upgrade to the newest version

If your version is less than 4.4 then you can upgrade to the newest version. All Bible add-ons from your previous versions will be upgraded for free.



Japan Bible Society New Joint Translation Add-On

JIV edition with Furigana, cross references, and notes