A-Bible v. 4.x is 64 bit and runs on Mac OS X 10.9 and up

          Integrates English, Japanese, German, Finnish, Chinese, and original language Greek Bible translations.

          Menus and Dialogs are localized in English, Japanese, German and Finnish.

          Versions available with the Basic Application: Kogoyaku 1955 (with furigana/rubi), ASV, KJV, Tsukamoto New Testament, Bungoyaku New Testament (with furigana/rubi), Emmaus Publishing New Testament, Chinese Union Version (Simplified & Traditional)

          Add-On modules can be purchased separately for A-Bible: ESV (with cross references); Shinkaiyaku 2017 (with furigana/rubi, cross references, notes); Japan Bible Society New Joint Translation (with furigana/rubi, cross references, notes); Shinkaiyaku 3rd rev. (with furigana/rubi); Shinkyodoyaku; Kogoyaku 2008; Uusi kirkkoraamattu 1992 & 1938 Suomi (Finnish); Luther 1545, Luther 1912, Luther 1984, Elberfelder 1871, Elberfelder 1905, NeÜ, Schlachter 1951  

          Features include powerful search options, easy copy and paste, easy comparison of different versions (even different languages) verse-by-verse or chapter-by-chapter, display of furigana, links to Bible dictionaries and to the Japanese “Bible Master” software.

          Greek Language add-on includes UBS 4 Greek NT with Friberg’s AGNT grammatical tagging, Byzantine -Majority Text (Robinson-Pierpont), TIschendorf (Peterson), Scriviner -Textus Receptus, Stephens - Textus Receptus, Westcott-Hort - Alexandrian Text

Japan Bible Society New Joint Translation addon

with furigana/rubi (inline), footnotes, and cross-references

Shinkaiyaku 2017 addon

with furigana/rubi (inline), footnotes, and cross-references

A-Bible Includes Manna: a daily reading guide with 3 different reading plans for the year.

Also included is ‘Look Up!’ an easy way to display A-Bible on screen when using a projector.

聖書の達人: “Bible Master” software (sold separately by Word of Life Press here) can be directly linked to A-Bible including the Shinkaiyaku 2017 and the Japan Bible Society New International Version