Download the free Mac version

You can download a Free Demo of A-Bible 4.x and try it out. The demo is fully functional except for the Manna feature, and there is no time limit. (However the demo may not include the latest bug fixes since it is updated less often than the main program). It includes just 4 of the versions available for A-Bible but you can try out all the features. 

• Kogoyaku 1955 version with furigana (The current version of the Kogoyaku is 2008)
• KJV with Strongs numbers
• Chinese Union Version (Traditional and Simplified)

For information about upgrading from earlier versions, contact support at

A-Bible 4.x の使い方をわかりやすく紹介するデモ版は無料です。ダウンロードして、A-Bible の機能(Manna以外)を完全に評価ができ、有効期間は無制限。下記の4の聖書訳はデモ版に含まれています。

•  口語訳 1955年版 振り仮名付き

•   King James Version       Strong's 数字

•   数字付き中国語聖書 Union訳 簡体字 と 繁体字

(注:旧バーションからアップグレードするのにまず A-Bible Supportにメールを送ってください。)

This page will be updated with v 4 later this year 2021

Thank you for your interest