•     A-Bible v. 4.x is 64 bit and runs on Mac OS X 10.9 - and up

     •     Integrates English, Japanese, German, Finnish, Chinese, and original language Greek Bible translations.

     •     Menus and Dialogs are localized in English, Japanese, German and Finnish.

     •     Versions available with the Basic Application: Kogoyaku 1955 (with furigana/rubi), ASV, KJV, Tsukamoto New Testament, Bungoyaku New Testament (with furigana/rubi), Emmaus Publishing New Testament, Chinese Union Version (Simplified & Traditional)

     •     Add-On modules can be purchased separately for A-Bible: ESV, Shinkaiyaku 2017 (with furigana/rubi), Shinkaiyaku 3rd rev. (with furigana/rubi), Shinkyodoyaku, Kogoyaku 2008, Uusi kirkkoraamattu 1992 & 1938 Suomi (Finnish), Luther 1545, Luther 1912, Luther 1984, Elberfelder 1871, Elberfelder 1905, NeÜ, Schlachter 1951  

     •     Features include powerful search options, easy copy and paste, easy comparison of different versions (even different languages) verse-by-verse or chapter-by-chapter, display of furigana, links to Bible dictionaries and to the Japanese “Bible Master” software.

     •     Greek Language resources including UBS 4 Greek NT with Friberg’s AGNT grammatical tagging, Byzantine -Majority Text (Robinson-Pierpont), TIschendorf (Peterson), Scriviner -Textus Receptus, Stephens - Textus Receptus, Westcott-Hort - Alexandrian Text

Shinkaiyaku 2017 Now Available!

with furigana/rubi and footnotes

New Version:

A-Bible 4.0 (64 bit)

You will need to upgrade A-Bible to use on Mac OS 10.13 or higher. If you have questions, please contact support for upgrade instructions: A-Bible Support

You will need A-Bible v4.0 or higher to install the Shinkaiyaku 2017 add-on.

v 4.0 Includes A-Bible Manna: a daily reading guide with 3 different reading plans for the year.

Also included is ‘Look Up!’ an easy way to display A-Bible on screen when using a projector.

聖書の達人: “Bible Master” software (sold separately) can be directly linked to A-Bible including the Shinkaiyaku 2017