‘Manna’ is an application that helps you read through the Bible in one year. It includes 4 Reading Plans to guide you each day.

Manna is included in the A-Bible v.3.5 application

so you can use any version in your A-Bible for reading.

You can also purchase Manna as a separate application that includes 3 translations: KJV, ASV and Kogoyaku 1955.

With the iPlan feature, you can add your own plan to be used in ‘Manna’ or download iPlans made by others.

"A-Bible Manna" is a Daily Bible Reading Guide. It has options and features described below that will help you read the Bible over the course of a year. It is not a Bible study program. If you want to search, copy/paste, link to Bible dictionaries and do in-depth analysis then this is not the tool for you. That’s why I produce "A-Bible" ! However, if you want help in reading the Bible using a plan, "A-Bible Manna" has some helpful features to fit your style.

Three Easy Steps with some options:

1. Select a reading plan

There are currently 4 plans: M'Cheyne's classic, a unique Chronological Harmony, a reading straight through from Genesis to Revelation, and a reading through the New Testament-Psalms-Proverbs. Each plan is set for completion in a year and you can start anytime.

2.  Select a version(s)

You can choose a version (KJV, ASV, Kogoyaku 1955 version).

You can view 2 versions simultaneously.

3. Select a Reading

A-Bible Manna opens up to the last passage you read. You can set this to any day by clicking on the arrow buttons at the top of the window or moving the slider along the 'year scrollbar'. This means that if you get behind in your reading or read ahead, A-Bible will open to that location.

A-Bible Manna」は聖書を読むための毎日読書ガイドです。下記のような機能があります。しかし聖書検鏡ソフトと違います。言葉検索や聖書辞典とリンクすることなどを希望している方は「A-Bible」のようなソフトを考えた方がいいと思います。


1. 読書プランを選択


  1. 2. 翻訳を選択

口語訳1955版、KJV 、ASV という三つの訳があります。


3. 読書を選択

起動する時に「A-BIble Manna」は先読んだ読書を開きます。読書を変更するのに矢印ボタンを押して、又は「年間」スライダーを移動してください。読書プランに後れても先読んでもOKです。